Rimfire Accuracy Research Program

Rimfire Accuracy Research Topics:-
  • As Things Presently Stand - An historical perspective.  (Updated 3rd November 2010)
  • Test Equipment  (12th November 2010) A description of the equipment used for the testing
  • Velocity Dispersion  (12th November 2010) A theoretical and experimental analysis of the vertical spread in groups due to bullet velocity variation
  • Group Statistics  (22nd November 2010) The theory of Extreme Spread grouping, showing the best number of shots per group and the number of groups required to obtain a result within a given error.
  • Group Analysis  (28nd November 2010) The practicalities of measuring Extreme Spread groups.
  • 12 o'clock -vs- 6 o'clock firing pins  (14th April 2011, updated 31st May 2011) Experimental results for velocities and pressures measured for both 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock firing pin positions.
  • The Vibrations of a Barrel Tuned for Positive Compensation  (9th July 2011. Updated 20th October 2011) The principle of positive compensation is experimentally verified and this principle is used to tune a barrel by use of the of barrel vibrations as measured using a purpose built device.
  • Modelling vibrations on a rimfire barrel  (23rd December 2011) This articles describes an attempt to create a theoretical model for the vibrations on a rifle barrel.